Posted 12.12.16

Interactive Flash Cards resource

Eazyweb is pleased to announce the release of an interactive Picture Cards (aka 'Flash Cards') resource developed on behalf of ASD Info Wales.

The aim of this interesting project was to develop a resource where healthcare professionals, parents and carers would be able to:

  • select from a series of suitably-designed and presented picture cards,
  • arrange the cards in a suitable order,
  • output the cards to a PDF file
  • and download the PDF ready for printing / cutting up.

The cards would then be utilised to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder to provide order and structure to their day.

The project required a planning phase where the requirements of the client were carefully mapped out.

Users can search or scroll through all images to find a particular image that they need to visualise, then drag this image over to a central canvas area. Once in the canvas area, images can be reordered.

Interactive drag and drop resource developed by Eazyweb

When the user is satisifed they have all the images they need, in the required order, they can then select 'Export as PDF' to download a PDF document of their selection. This document is ready for use,either on a tablet or to print & cut out.

In order to know who is using the system, a simple login system was utilised. This interactive, fully drag-and-drop system is bilingual, Welsh and English.

The resource has been well-received, and is already scheduled for an update due to popular feedback.

More information

If your organisation needs an interactive element to be developed for your website (or you just plain need a new website!) why not get in touch with the team at Eazyweb today.

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